Our inter-connector PV Ribbon achieves low yield-strength to prevent cell from cracking during production, while maintaining excellent adhesion and solder uniformity.
The non-flux plating process provides environment friendly considerations, and also reduce the risk of chlorine residuals and contamination, which is a potential hazard in the long-term liability of Solar Panels.
For solder, we offer not only regular Sn-Pb solder, but also environmentally friendly lead-free solder Sn-Ag-Cu and Sn-Bi-Ag.

Inter-connector PV Ribbon

Product SizeThickness: 0.100–0.300 mm
Width: 0.400–2.000 mm
Type of Base materialOFC, TPC
Plating materialSn-Pb
Sn-Ag-Cu Lead-free Solder
Mechanical propertiesElongation: 20% or more
Tensile strength: 200–280 Mpa
Yield Strength value: 50–90 Mpa
SpoolsP5R Bobbin (5kg)
DIN160 (8kg)
P10 Bobbin (10kg)

Customized specifications are available upon customer’s request