High-quality and cost-effective Multi-Busbar PV Ribbon for Next-generation Solar Panels

Our Multi-Busbar PV Ribbons uses in-house drawing copper wires and plated with various material to meet the high-precision and quality requirement of customers. Our Multi-Busbar PV Ribbons propose cost-efficient solution and patent infringement avoidance solution tailored to customer’s needs through various alloy plating.

Our environmentally friendly non-flux process can reduce the risk of chlorine residuals and contamination, which is a potential hazard in the long-term liability of Solar Panels. In addition, non-flux PV ribbon has a characteristic of low yield-strength, which contribute to excellent adhesion to Solar cell, and lower the risk of Solar cell from cracking during production.


Multi-Busbar PV Ribbon

Product DimensionΦ0.20–0.40
Type of Base materialOFC, TPC
Plating materialVarious alloys tailored to your needs
Mechanical propertiesElongation : 20% or more
Tensile strength : 200–280 MPa
Yield Strength value : 70–160 MPa
SpoolDIN125 (3kg)
PSR Bobbin (5kg)
DIN160 (8Kg)
P10 Bobbin (10kg)
HKV159/45R (Taper Bobbin)

Customized specifications are available upon customer’s request